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Dave Mullikin

Dave Mullikin photo Dave Mullikin
  • Black Belt

Owner/Operator & Head Coach

As Owner of Fuse Martial Arts & Fitness, Dave Mullikin makes time to not only Coach but train as a student to ensure our gym's students get the highest level of instruction around!  Dave was first introduced to combat sports back in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia where he started his Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai journey.  Working with some of the most talented coaches at that time, Dave quickly earned his Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu and was groomed to become a kickboxing instructor. In 2009, Dave moved back to Cincinnati where he resumed training at a local martial arts school through 2011. After having taken several years off from training and owning and operating a fitness gym, Dave found his way back to what he loves doing, launching a successful martial arts program through the Focused Fight Team Affiliation.  Dave is a Black Belt under Third Degree Black Belts Coach Jeff Robison and Fuse's very own Coach Michael Jacobs.



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